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SeekMed Founder Alok Awasthi is using his passion for technology, innovation and disruption to elevate the doctor-patient experience to a whole new high.


Alok Awasthi is the Founder of SeekMed, a cutting edge healthcare platform that brings the best in technology and the best in medicine together so our patients can take better control of their medical decisions.

Mr Awasthi is an entrepreneur, management professional and engineer at heart with over 23 years of professional experience spanning healthcare, life sciences, management consulting and automotive industries.

SeekMed, Alok’s brainchild and labor of love, aims to provide a user-friendly tele-health platform making it easier for patients to find and connect with India’s award-winning and highly accomplished doctors of national & international repute. SeekMed evangelizes a patient centric approach. Doctors are onboarded only after a rigorous selection procedure. SeekMed doctors carry 25 years of experience on an average, and hold senior positions in the industry.

“We’re committed to bringing quality care for our patients. Our team of medical advisors and panel of doctors include several Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Dr. BC Roy awardees and are considered highly accomplished in their respective specialty areas. They are leading India’s best hospitals and medical institutions”, says Mr Awasthi, underscoring what makes the initiative special.


We initiate the tribute session by requesting Mr Awasthi to capture his personal and professional identity in brief. The idea leader obliges…

My professional journey includes engagement with some of the world’s biggest brands in a cross-cultural, multi-lingual environment spanning twelve countries across four continents. I’m an undergrad in mechanical engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi and an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business (Strategy, Corporate Finance and Global Business). I live in New Jersey, United States with my wife and a 7-year-old son.”


Leaders are known by their conviction and vision, which usually articulates itself in the form of an actionable, daily code of behaviour. A life-work mantra, so to speak. So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Alok? The man quenches our curiosity in candid fashion…

“My approach to life has been to continuously strive to see things the way they are and without prejudices and biases. This combined with a process-oriented mindset instead of a goal-oriented one has helped me navigate complex situations with ease.”


Great journeys are usually the product of multiple influences. So what are the forces that have shaped his perspective? Mr Awasthi deep dives…

“I’ve always been a keen observer of people and situations throughout my professional life. One common trait that I’ve noticed in successful leaders is the ability to see things that others aren’t able to see. Being able to see the big picture is essential in building the narrative, formulating the strategy and influencing the team on achieving various business objectives.”


How has his signature way of looking at life made a difference – not just for him, but for his patrons, partners, teams and the ecosystem spokes he interacts with everyday? Alok reflects….

“This mantra has not only helped me manage my personal time well but also helped in establishing myself as a trusted business partner, manager and colleague. Carrying an enterprise mindset devoid of biases has allowed me to be an effective problem solver in delivering complex transformational initiatives across various domains. The same approach is being adopted at SeekMed in building a work culture that promotes transparency, inclusion and accountability across all levels.”


So what is the overarching goal or problem he wants to solve going forward?

“Healthcare is the problem area that I’m deeply concerned about. Our patients not just deal with the problems of accessibility, affordability and quality care but also lack of reliable information. Having founded SeekMed (, an expert opinion focused global tele-health platform connecting patients with India’s award-winning doctors, our goal is to have our highly accomplished super specialists easily accessible for early intervention on complex medical conditions such as cardiovascular, cancer, neurological and many others. My approach to life is guiding me in running the company and bringing health equity to our patient community living in remote parts of our country. This philosophy is not only helping me build a solid team of internal and external resources but also in building long standing partnerships with healthcare providers, payers and other healthcare entities in establishing SeekMed as a trusted healthcare platform”, elucidates Mr. Awasthi.


Can his ideas be adopted by a new generation? What advice would he give for the next generation of dreamers and achievers?

“As we grow in our professional life, it’s quite natural to imbibe certain biases unconsciously. If remained unchecked, they start influencing our behaviour and eventually lead to a work culture not conducive to holistic growth. Healthcare is a very personal matter and since it deals with people’s lives, building trust takes time. Future leaders will serve their generation well by adopting a more conscious approach to removing such biases and thereby unlocking the true business potential”, Alok shares helpfully.


A brief – but compelling session – has come to its conclusion. As we sign off, we request the idea champion to spare a though on VOH, and how he thinks tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community.

Like most trueblue leaders, Alok is generous in ‘giving’. He responds…

“VOH is the trailblazer in mainstreaming healthcare conversations that touches all of our lives. Idea Leaders is one such conversation focused on thought leadership that values the personal touch in linking human potential to various growth stories.”

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