Top 10 Ullu Web Series List – 18+ Ullu Web Series 2023

In this article, we will take a closer look at Top 10 Ullu Web Series List. ULLU, a popular Indian streaming platform known for its b*ld and ad*lt content.

We will explore the Ullu web series list, featuring some of the most talked-about shows on the platform.

Additionally, we will examining what makes them stand out from the competition.

For those looking for something more amazing, we will also discuss the top 10 18+ Ullu web series.

Finally, we will highlight the Top 10 Ullu Web Series to Watch in 2023 and provide a list of the most prominent Ullu web series actresses and actors.

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About Ullu

Ullu is an Indian OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform that specializes in ad*lt-oriented web series.

It was launched in 2018 and has gained a significant following among young men in India.

Unlike larger streaming platforms, ULLU TV is smaller and more in-house, with most of its stories set in rural India’s heartland.

The platform is known for producing Hindi-language Web Weries that are only intended for adult audiences over 18+ years old.

ULLU has a reputation for providing a range of ad*lt content, including Romance, Drama, Crime, and Mystery, among other Genres.

Overall, Ullu has been successful in offering unique and edgy adult web series to its target audience, and it continues to expand rapidly in the Indian market.

Top 10 Ullu Web Series List in 2023

1. Singardaan (2019)

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The Romantic-Horror series about a man who falls in love with a pr*stitute who brings a Magical makeup box to his house.

The box traps his daughter and wife with its sinister abilities. Shraddha Das, the lead actress, gained fame thanks to this Ullu web series.

2. Virg*n Boys (2020)

The drama series about three boys who are still Virg*ns but eager to have s*x and lose their Virg*nity. It stars actresses Marina Kuwar and Sarika Raghwa.

3. Size Matters (2019)

The drama series that explores diverse stories of love, lust, and betrayal in its two seasons.

The 1st season focuses on a MAN who wants to Marry one WOMAN but falls in Love with someone else, while the second season centers on the betrayal between two sisters.

4. Charamsukh (2019)

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The sensual short series with 13 episodes, each bringing a new twist to the plot.

5. Mona Home Delivery (2019)

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The drama series partially inspired by the classic drama of Romeo and Juliet. It focuses on a GIRL and a boy who fall in Love, but their families are involved in a huge fight.

6. Halala (2019)

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The drama series that portrays the vices of orthodoxy in everyday life. It tells the story of a happily married couple who are in trouble when the husband gives the wife triple talaq out of rage.

7. Melting Cheese (2019)

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The crime series about a woman who is seduced by her husband’s secretary, and the maturing sentiment between them makes it certain to be a debacle when the spouse finds out.

8. Shahad (2022)

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An adult short series about a couple who gets married and the younger Brother fall in LOVE with his Sister-In-Law.

9. Walkman (2022)

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The drama and crime series that focuses on a woman obsessed with a Walkman for her wild fantasies.

10. Lady Finger (2021)

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The mystery series with unique suspense that features Ayushi Jaiwal as the lead actress.


In conclusion, we have delved into various aspects of Ullu Web Series, including the list of popular series available on the platform, Top 10 Ullu Web Series, and the names of actresses who have appeared in these shows.

Additionally, we have also highlighted the presence of 18+ content on Ullu and looked ahead to the top 10 Ullu web series of 2023.

With a growing audience base and an increasing number of shows being produced, Ullu has established itself as a leading platform for bold and edgy web content in the Indian entertainment industry.