11 Ullu Hot Web Series That You Can Watch For Free

In today’s generation, with the growing use of OTT platforms, web series have become more popular than movies. People love to watch binge-watch web series on OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5, etc. The web series available are of various genres, but the ones among them that are most watched and less talked about are the hot adult web series. Among the OTT apps, the Ullu app is extensively used for watching adult content-based web series. Ullu hot web series are becoming quite popular nowadays.

Hot Ullu web series have adult and erotic content and it has gained popularity as it is cheap and easily accessible. This platform was launched in 2018. The hot web series Ullu offers has good plotlines besides the steamy scenes that one looks for while watching hot web series.

Here we have listed some of the best Ullu web series hot that you can enjoy watching:

1. Tapan Charmsukh (2022)

This Ullu hot web series is about a girl who gets to know from her mother about her sister and brother-in-law. She ends up falling in love with her brother-in-law. Initially, the brother-in-law resists his sister-in-law’s temptations but eventually falls for her. The interesting part is what happens next when the wife of the man comes to know about this relationship between her sister and her husband.


2. Halala (2019)

One of the best Ullu web series, Halala advocates against social issues like the “Triple Talaq” and “Halala” rituals. “Halala” is a Muslim custom in which a woman gets a triple talaq divorce from a man, marries another man, has a child with him, and then gets a second divorce in order to remarry her first husband.

This hot Indian web series is based on the Halala Ritual which tells the story of Afza, whose marriage takes an unexpected turn when her husband gives her triple talaq. Afza now has to undergo a Halala Ritual in order to remarry Rahil. Will she be able to fulfill her husband’s demand and marry another man and have a child with him to get back to her husband?

Halala (2019)

3. Panchali (2019)

This hot Ullu web series hot was released on May 24, 2019. This series revolves around a woman who is married to four brothers and has a son. She tries to attract the fifth brother to fulfill the tradition. The story becomes engaging when he begins falling for her. This is one of the most popular adult and hot web series on Ullu app.

Panchali (2019) ullu hot web series

4. Riti Riwaj (2020)

One of the Ullu hot web series, Riti Riwaj, focuses on a woman’s sexual desires, something that is never openly discussed in our society. This hot web series Ullu focuses on how in rural areas one man is satiating his sexual desires by getting married multiple times despite the lack of water. However, he is unable to satisfy one of his wife’s sexual needs, and he does not know how far she will go to satiate her desires.

Riti Riwaj (2020) ullu web series

5. Ashuddhi (2020)

A naive and struggling actor named Karan played by Hiten Tejwani finds out about the secrets of a Secret Society. Karan soon finds himself in a passionate relationship that changes suddenly. Things start to get out of hand when his landlady Vidya and Karan are introduced to the Secret Society that allegedly wields an extreme amount of power.

Ashuddhi (2020)

6. Bribe (2018)

This hot Indian web series is called an account of Padma. Padma is a widow who is influenced by her brother to sell herself in order to receive her widow’s pension. She starts to engage in sexual activity with powerful men to get everything she deserves and wants. You can watch this hot Ullu web series for the bold scenes and catchy plot.

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

Bribe (2018), ullu hot web series

7. Size Matters (2019)

This Ullu hot web series follows the story of Manpreet, who is a virgin and wants her desires to be fully met. While her partner Akash somehow loses her trust. Will Akash be able to regain Manpreet’s confidence? This hot web series also has a second installment by the name Size Matters 2 which also has a 7.2 IMDb rating. Watch this Ullu hot web series on Ullu app.

Size Matters (2019), hot web series ullu

8. Melting Cheese (2019)

Melting Cheese has the power to satisfy your senses. It is a captivating and intriguing story that revolves around a wife who becomes friends with her husband’s unfaithful office assistant. Things take a different turn when the truth is unraveled.

Melting Cheese, hot ullu web series

9. Virgin Boys (2020)

It is one of the most popular Ullu web series hot. The plot of this hot Indian web series revolves around three boys Chomu, Chuchu, and Gagan. The boys are struggling to have physical pleasures and are still virgins. This hot web series Ullu is all about them and their highly exciting journey of sexual fulfillment. This hot Ullu web series features Marina Kunwar and Sarika Raghwa as lead actresses.

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10


10. Singardaan (2019)

In this popular Ullu hot web series, the hot and talented Shraddha Das gained popularity as the lead actress. The story of this Ullu hot web series revolves around Gupta Ji’s wife and daughter who go under the spell of a makeup box. The makeup box taken by Guptaji belonged to a deceased woman he once loved who was a prostitute.

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

Singardaan, ullu hot web series

11. Shahad (2022)

This Ullu hot web series has a very unique storyline. It revolves around two brothers, among them the elder one gets married and the younger brother remains unmarried. But he falls in love with his sister-in-law. Things get interesting after that.

Shahad (2022)