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Bolly4u is an online movie streamer and downloader website from Bolly4u you can download Bollywood, Hollywood, and South movies in HD.

Bolly4u is the most popular movie website in India to download HD print movies. If you also want to download movies then they allow you to download them. But before downloading any movie from that website you need to know some hidden facts about the Bolly4u movie website. Otherwise, you will have to face a lot of trouble in the coming time. Such as – Is it legal to download movies from Bolly4u? What if you download movies from there? What are the consequences of downloading movies? Is it safe to download movies from there? If you wanna know about these then read the article till the end to know.

Latest Updates: Bolly4u often leaks the latest HD movies, and recently leaked multiple newly released Hindi and Hindi dubbed movies. But downloading movies from Bolly4u comes under illegal movie downloads. And illegal movie downloads refer to the unauthorized downloading or sharing of movies from the Internet. This includes downloading movies from torrent websites or other websites that do not have the proper rights to distribute the movies.

Apart from this, illegal movie downloads are a violation of copyright laws and can result in legal consequences for those who engage in this activity. In many countries, including India, it is illegal to download or share copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder. This includes movies, music, and other forms of media.


Additionally, downloading movies from Bolly4u can also pose risks to your computer and personal information. These websites may contain malware or other malicious software that can harm your device or steal your personal information.

Latest Bollywood HD Movies download on Bolly4u

The latest Bollywood movie is the most popular movie in India and Bolly4u gives you a chance to download any newly released Bollywood movie within a few hours of the movie release. HD print Bollywood movies leaked by that movie website for free download. If you are looking to download new Bollywood movies then that website is giving you a to download them easily.

You will find all types of Bollywood movies like old and new Bollywood movies on that movie website. That’s why that website is very popular among people. The Bolly4u movie website has leaked all these movies on its website to download. That is why downloading movies from there is illegal.

Latest Bollywood Movies Download –

Latest Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies Download on Bolly4u

Bolly4u movie website provides all types of the latest Hollywood Hindi dubbed and English movies on its website. If you are looking to download Hollywood Hindi movies then they are offering people to download them for free from that website. But you need to know that whatever movies are available on that website, all these are illegal. If you download those movies from that website then you may have to face a lot of trouble.

Bolly4u is not uploading movies legally. They just upload pirated Hollywood movies on their website illegally. And downloading pirated movies is illegal. Recently that website has leaked many movies on its website.

The Latest Hollywood Movies Download in Hindi –

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
  • Fast X
  • The Marvels
  • John Wick: Chapter 4
  • The Flash
  • Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
  • Aquaman 2
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
  • Shazam 2
  • Extraction 2
  • Insidious 5
  • Operation Fortune

South Indian Dual Audio Movies Download Bolly4u

After Bollywood movies, people in India like to watch South Indian Hindi dubbed movies the most, and Bolly4u allows you to download South Indian dual audio movies for free from their website. If you want to download South movies, then that website allows you to download them from that website. They leak all the South movies like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam movies, etc on their website. All these movies on that website are completely free.

And you will be able to download HD print movies on their release date as that website claims. Bolly4u pirates all types of South Movies through its website and it is illegal in India due to which you may need to go to jail.

Latest Web Series for free download in full HD on Bolly4u

If you wanna download the newly released Web Series then Bolly4u allows you to download them for free in full HD. That is a movie-downloading website which is why they upload movies daily on its website along with the newly released Web Series. You can find newly released web series such as Panchayat Season 2, Money Heist Season 5, Prison Break, Osman Ghazi, Ertgrul Ghazi, etc.

But whatever web series they uploaded all are illegal and pirated copies. Therefore that website comes under movie piracy and downloading movies from there is also come under movie piracy crime. So downloading web series from there is not legit.

Punjabi Movies for free Download on Boly4u in full HD

Bolly4u help movie website is also popular in newly released Punjabi movie downloading therefore if you are looking to download new Punjabi movies from that website then they are allowed people to download them. Such as – Maa, Rabba Rabba Meeh Varsa, Saunkan Saunkne, Jogi, etc.

But downloading movies from that website is illegal therefore if you download movies from there then it will be considered a crime. So, stay away from downloading movies from that website.

What is Bolly4u 2023?

As you are searching for the Bolly4u website it means you already know about that website. It is an online movie streamer and downloader website through which millions of people download movies illegally. Bolly4u illegally uploads all these movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Pakistani, etc on its website. All these movies are pirated movies.

Bolly4u first steals movies from somewhere and then uploads them illegally on their website. All these new movies are uploaded on their website on the same date as the movie release. Bolly4u movie website is not a legal movie website. It is an illegal piracy movie website that is not legal in India. If anyone commits a piracy offense he will be punished by the judicial court.

Bolly4u Latest Movie Download Website Highlights 2023

What type of movies Bolly4u movie website is uploading?

Bolly4u movie website mainly uploads Hindi movies on its website. Moreover, they upload Hollywood movies too on its website. To know to see the below list –

Bolly4u Movies Categories

  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Pakistani
  • Punjabi
  • Dual Audio
  • Web Series
  • TV Shows
  • South Hindi Dubbed
  • +18 Adult movies

Movies Quality

  • HD Rip
  • Web Rip
  • PC HD
  • MKV
  • Mp4
  • DVD Rip

Genres of movies

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Animation
  • Fiction
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Biography
  • Documentary
  • Family
  • History
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sport
  • War
  • Western

Bolly4u Punjabi Movies Download 480p, 720p, 1080p

If you want to download newly released Punjabi movies then Bolly4u is a website that often leaks the latest Punjabi movies in full HD 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Bolly4u movie website has a huge collection of newly released Punjabi movies. But downloading pirated movies is illegal and it has multiple legal consequences. Therefore, I recommend you download and watch movies online legally from legitimate sources only.

Latest Punjabi Movies Leaked on Bolly4u –

  • Tufang
  • Carry On Jatta 3
  • Maurh
  • Sidhus of Southall
  • Jodi
  • Nigah Marda Ayi Ve
  • Mitran Da Naa Chalda
  • Gol Gappe
  • Kali Jotta
  • Buhey Bariyan
  • Bhole Oye
  • Blackia 2
  • Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi
  • White Punjab
  • Fer Mamlaa Gadbad Hai
  • Jee Ve Sohneya Jee
  • Parinda Paar Geyaa

Telugu Movies Download HD Bolly4u

Telugu movie download links are providing Bolly4u for free in full HD quality. If you want to download them then you can download from there. to download newly released Telugu movies you can go to website. But there are multiple scams that come out where people get hacked and scammed in the name of newly released Telugu movies.

Latest Telugu Movies Download on Bolly4u

  • Konaseema Thugs
  • Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha
  • SIR
  • Amigos
  • Michael
  • Writer Padmabhushan
  • Kalyanam Kamaneeyam
  • Waltair Veerayya
  • Bhakta Prahlada
  • Aithe
  • 16 every detail counts
  • U-turn
  • Virupaksha
  • Thegidi
  • Eega
  • Arya 2
  • Magadheera
  • Pushpa: The Rise
  • Sarkaru Vaari Paata

Dual Audio Hindi Movie Download Bolly4u

Bolly4u is very popular in dual audio movie downloading because that website mostly uploads Hindi movies. Such as Hindi Dubbed movies Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies, South Indian Hindi dubbed movies, etc. To download dual audio movies you need to click on specific categories like South Indian Movies, Hollywood Movies, etc.

Latest Leaked Dual Audio Hindi Dubbed Movies on Bolly4u

  • Beast
  • Vikram
  • Thaandavam
  • Kaithi
  • Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie
  • Shiva 143
  • Thegidi
  • Vikram Vedha
  • KGF: Chapter 1
  • Pushpa: The Rule
  • RRR
  • Bheeshma Parvam
  • Aaranya Kaandam
  • 7 Khoon Maaf
  • Adipurush
  • Gadar 2: The Katha Continues
  • Maidaan
  • Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani
  • Satyaprem Ki Katha
  • Zara Hatke Zara Bachke
  • Bloody Daddy
  • The Kashmir Files
  • Pushpa: The Rise
  • RRR
  • KGF: Chapter 2
  • Jayeshbhai Jordaar
  • 83
  • Shershaah

Bolly4u and Movie Piracy

As you came to know that Bolly4u movie website is doing illegal work through its website. They first steal movies and then upload them on their website and all these activities come under piracy. A paid copyrighted material no one can share freely with people. If anyone does this then he will be punished under the Copyright Act 1957. So Bolly4u movie website is committing a crime by sharing copyrighted material on its website without any valid license.

Piracy crime is a legal offense in India if someone commits them they will be sent to jail as a punishment under the Copyright Act. Better known I am telling you movie piracy means – Movie Piracy is where a person steals a movie from somewhere and uses that movie to earn money in his business, and shares that movie illegally with people, which gives people the opportunity to download the movie for free, earn money from the rent of that movie, etc. All these come under piracy crime and it is called piracy in simple language.

Now you can decide for yourself how that movie website is related to piracy crime.

Why is the Bolly4u web movie website banned?

Bolly4u sbs movie website is not a legal website it is a movie piracy website. All the movies available on that website are pirated movies. Filmmakers have to face a lot of losses due to movie piracy. That is why the government is also taking action on that issue because there is a huge loss of crores of rupees due to the leaking of a film there.

To prevent movie piracy, the Indian government has banned that website in India. But that website is operated from outside India so the government cannot ban that website worldwide. Due to the leaking of movies through their website, the government banned that website.

Why is Bolly4u Movie Website Illegal?

Bolly4u movie website is illegal as they are piracy of movies through their website. And due to this, the filmmakers have to face a lot of losses. Through that website, they stream any movie online and one can watch movies online for free from their website. Newly released movies through that website also get leaked within a few hours of the release of any movie.

Due to any movie leak, no movie is able to earn much money after its release because people download the movie online or watch it online without going to the theater. Because of this, the government has declared that website an illegal website. And the government has also warned the website not to commit the same crime again. But they did not agree and they have been committing crimes through that website.

What if you download movies from Bolly4u?

The first thing is that the bolly4u lol movie website is an illegal movie website and the government has also declared that website an illegal website. And it is illegal to download a movie or watch a movie from an illegal movie website. Downloading or watching movies from illegal websites is also a crime. Under piracy definitions, those who support committing piracy offenses and encourage them to commit piracy crimes will also equate to criminals.

So if you download or watch movies online from that illegal movie website then it is also a crime. So stay away from that website and ask people not to download movies from that illegal website. But you may ask, then how will you watch movies for free? So the answer is that you can watch any movie for free even in a legal way. How to watch a movie for free legally I have discussed in the below sections.

Will you go to jail for downloading a movie from Bolly4u?

This is also a very important thing that you need to know the real facts about the Indian security system. Millions of people are downloading movies daily from illegal movie websites. So in that case, is it possible to penalize all those who are downloading and watching movies from illegal movie websites?

Firstly, India is the second-most populous country in the world. And millions of people download movies daily from illegal movie websites in India. As you know that downloading movies from illegal movie websites is also a crime similar to piracy crime. So how will the government punish them all and stop movie piracy? Government cannot stop downloading movies online because online movie websites are running from other countries and the internet is a free platform from where people can download or watch any movie for free.

If there is a need to punish then the government needs to punish the piracy movie owners first then the illegal movie website will be closed automatically. And the Indian government is also doing the same and is only taking action against movie piracy websites. Because it is not possible to punish lakhs of people for movie downloading offenses. India is a developing country, so the government is also not paying much attention to that issue.

Why is not safe Bolly4u movie website?

As you know the Bolly4u movie website allows you to download movies from their website for free, which means they have various benefits over it. Otherwise, why would they allow you to download the movie? They are earning money by uploading those movies on their website. They earn money by displaying advertisements on their website which are very dangerous for visitors.

But in the internet world, Google AdSense is a reliable advertising company and almost all websites earn money by displaying Google ads on their websites. But that website is not eligible to display Google’s advertisement on its website because Google also does not accept piracy websites.

That’s why that website uses unreliable third-party advertisements on its website which is very harmful. Your device can be hacked using those types of ads. In addition, those harmful ads can cause viruses and malware to enter your device. After that, your device will work slowly. Google Drive’s storage also ends when you download a movie from that website. If you download movies using the Drive link then your Google Drive storage will be used by them.

Apart from this, unwanted notifications will be sent to your device again and again.

How to watch movies online Bolly4u?

As I told you earlier that you can also watch movies online for free in a legal way instead of Bolly4u. That’s why I’ve added some of the best alternative legal movie websites. There are many legal alternative websites on the internet from where you can watch any movie for free. Some of them are paid and many are free. So here I have added some free legal alternative websites.

You can also download its Android app from the google play store. You do not have to pay any cost for watching movies from these websites. Given below is the list of where you can watch any movie in the Indian language for free.

  • Mx player
  • Voot
  • TVFplay
  • Jio tv
  • Airtel Xstream
  • VI Movies
  • Tubi tv
  • Sonyliv
  • Hungama Play

Youtube Movie Channels for Bolly4u Users

Moreover, you can watch movies on youtube instead of Bolly4u web for free. I have collected some best youtube Hindi movie channels.

  1. Goldmines Telefilms
  2. Goldmines
  3. Ad-Wise Media Action Movie
  4. Plex Aditya Movies
  5. WAMIndia
  6. Movies As Multiplex
  7. RKD Filmplex
  8. Latest Cinema
  9. Best Hindi Movies
  10. Primetime Action Movies
  11. Pen TV (for Bollywood movies only)
  12. Ultra Movie Parlour
  13. Shemaroo Movies (Bollywood only)
  14. Premium Digiplex Movies

Bolly4u Alternatives

As you can know from the above sections the Bolly4u movie website is an illegal movie website and that is why the government has banned its website. And because of the restrictions, people can’t visit their website and people are looking for alternative websites. If you are also one of those who are looking for alternative websites to Bolly4u, then go below to know about it.

There are many alternative websites to that website. You can use them but I suggest you do not use them to download movies. I suggest you watch movies only through legal means as these are risk-free for you.

Alternative Movie Websites

  • Movierulz
  • Desiremovies
  • Moviescounter
  • Moviesflix
  • Yommvies
  • Xplaytamil
  • Tamilrasigan
  • Mallumv
  • Bolly4u
  • mkvCinemas
  • Katmoviehd
  • Filmyzilla
  • Todaypk
  • Tamilmv
  • Downloadhub
  • Skymovieshd
  • Pagalmovies
  • Mp4moviez
  • HDmovies300
  • Moviesbaba
  • Hdhub4u
  • Extramovies
  • 9xflix
  • Filmy4wap
  • Moviesda
  • afilmywap
  • Isaimini
  • Tamilblasters
  • Jiorockers
  • Jiorockers
  • 7starhd
  • Moviezwap
  • Filmywap
  • Worldfree4u
  • Tamilrockers
  • Filmymeet
  • Tamilgun
  • Tamilyogi
  • Moviesverse
  • Jalshamovies
  • Sdmoviespoint
  • Filmyhit
  • Vegamovies
  • Kuttymovies
  • Kickass
  • 9kmovies
  • DvdPlay
  • Khatrimaza
  • HDfriday
  • Movies4u
  • MoviesKiDuniya

Bolly4u 2023 New Movie Download Links

The Bolly4u movie website changes its domain name due to restrictions on that website. They change a domain name after two or three weeks because these days the government blocks their domain names.

Here is a new link to that website –

Bolly4u Proxy

If you are looking for the Bolly4u proxy then a proxy list has been added below using which you can unblock that website. By using those proxy sites, you can unblock that movie website. If you don’t know why a proxy server is used then learn it from the below paragraph. Proxy servers are used to hide IP addresses and unblock any restricted websites. Websites that are blocked country-wise, can unblock by using proxy servers. Proxy servers act as an intermediary.


Bolly4u App

If you want to download the Bolly4u app you can download it if they are developed. And you cannot download its Android app from the google play store. You have to visit their website to download their Android app. And you can find the APK download link on the top bar of that website.

Bolly4u Apk

Disclaimer: We the do not endorse the Bolly4u Movie website. We are against piracy crime. This article is written for educational purposes only. If you have any problem with this article please contact us via email.

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Bolly4u is an illegal movie website and downloading movies from that website means committing a movie piracy crime. If you are looking to download a movie from that website then you must go with its legal alternative instead of that. We have tried to tell you in this article about movie piracy and its legal consequences. We recommend always watching movies legally from legitimate websites only.