देहाती Meaning English – Dehati Meaning Hindi

Definition देहाती शब्द की परिभाषा इंग्लिश में

Countrified: characteristic Of rural LifeExample: countrified Clothes

Rural: living In Or characteristic Of farming Or country LifeExample: rural People

Rural: Relating To rural AreasExample: rural Electrification

Rustic: An unsophisticated country Person

Rustic: awkwardly simple And ProvincialExample: bumpkinly country Boys

Rustic: characteristic Of The Fields Or CountryExample: Agrestic Simplicity

Rustic: Used Of Idealized country LifeExample: A country life Of Arcadian Contentment

Rustic: characteristic Of rural LifeExample: countrified Clothes

Pastoral: A Literary work Idealizing The rural Life (especially The life Of Shepherds)

Pastoral: A letter from A pastor To The Congregation

Pastoral: A musical composition that Evokes rural Life

Pastoral: suggestive Of An IdyllExample: charmingly simple And Serene

Pastoral: Used Of Idealized country LifeExample: A country life Of Arcadian Contentment

Pastoral: Of Or Relating To A PastorExample: pastoral Work

Pastoral: Relating To Shepherds Or Herdsmen Or devoted To Raising sheep Or CattleExample: pastoral Seminomadic People

Small Town: A community Of people smaller than A Town

Yokel: Not very intelligent Or interested In Culture

Hillbilly: A Disparaging term For An unsophisticated Person

Arcadian: An inhabitant Of Arcadia

Arcadian: Used Of Idealized country LifeExample: A country life Of Arcadian Contentment

Doric: The dialect Of Ancient Greek spoken In The Peloponnesus

Doric: oldest And Simplest Of The three Orders Of classical Greek Architecture

Meaning देहाती शब्द का अर्थ इंग्लिश में

Countrified [Noun]: Having The appearance And manners Of A Rustic; Rude.

Rural [Adjective]: Of Or Pertaining To The Country, As distinguished from A city Or Town; living In The Country; suitable For, Or Resembling, The Country; Rustic; As, rural Scenes; A rural Prospect.

Rural [Adjective]: Of Or Pertaining To Agriculture; As, rural Economy.

Rustic [Adjective]: Of Or Pertaining To The Country; Rural; As, The rustic Gods Of Antiquity.

Rustic [Adjective]: Rude; Awkward; Rough; Unpolished; As, rustic Manners.

Rustic [Adjective]: Coarse; Plain; Simple; As, A rustic Entertainment; Rustic Dress.

Rustic [Adjective]: Simple; Artless; Unadorned; Unaffected.

Rustic [Noun]: An inhabitant Of The Country, especially One Who Is Rude, Coarse, Or Dull; A Clown.

Rustic [Noun]: A rural person Having A natural simplicity Of character Or Manners; An Artless, unaffected Person.

Pastoral [Adjective]: Of Or Pertaining To Shepherds; Hence, Relating To Rural life And Scenes; As, A pastoral Life.

Pastoral [Adjective]: Relating To The care Of Souls, Or To The pastor Of A Church; As, pastoral Duties; A pastoral Letter.

Pastoral [Noun]: A poem Describing The life And manners Of Shepherds; A poem In which The Speakers assume The character Of Shepherds; An Idyl; A Bucolic.

Pastoral [Noun]: A cantata Relating To rural Life; A composition For Instruments Characterized By simplicity And Sweetness; A Lyrical composition The subject Of which Is Taken From rural Life.

Pastoral [Noun]: A letter Of A pastor To His Charge; Specifically, A letter addressed By A bishop To His Diocese; Also (Prot. Epis. Ch.), A letter Of The House Of Bishops, To Be read In each Parish.

Yokel [Noun]: A country Bumpkin.

Arcadian [Adjective]: Alt. Of Arcadic

Doric [Adjective]: Pertaining To Doris, In ancient Greece, Or To The Dorians; As, The Doric Dialect.

Doric [Adjective]: Belonging To, Or Resembling, The oldest And Simplest Of The three Orders Of architecture Used By The Greeks, But Ranked As Second Of The five Orders adopted By The Romans. See Abacus, Capital, Order.

Doric [Adjective]: Of Or Relating To One Of The ancient Greek musical Modes Or Keys. Its character Was Adapted both To Religions occasions And To War.

Doric [Noun]: The Doric Dialect.

Praedial [Adjective]: See Predial.