Черная икра

In process of manufacturing, caviar is graded according to differences in color, size, quality, firmness and taste. Using high-quality roe, we produce the following types of caviar:

PASTEURIZED GRAIN CAVIAR (undergoes thermal treatment)


  • “STANDARD”. Fresh taste with subtle ‘nutty’ aftertaste. Grain size — 1,5-2.5 mm. Color: glossy, from dark gray to black. Forms of output: glass jars of 50 gr and 100 gr

  • “PREMIUM”. Superior quality caviar of pure taste with light spicy flavor and ‘nut’ aftertaste. Mid size and large size grain (2-3 mm). Color varies from dark-grey to light-grey, glossy. Forms of output: glass jars of 50 gr and 100 gr

Pasteurized caviar has a more neutral taste, it is more crumbly and dry, unlike other types of caviar.

The technology of pasteurization implies heat treatment of roe in autoclaves at a temperature of 71°C. Caviar undergone this process can be stored without preservatives. That is why pasteurized caviar is a natural and safe product recommended for nutrition of children. Shelf life of pasteurized caviar is up to 24 months at a storage temperature -2-4°C.

FRESH-GRAIN CAVIAR (without thermal treatment)


  • “CLASSIC”. Soft texture, clean and fresh taste with a hazelnut note. Medium sized grain (1.5-2 mm). Color from glossy black to light grey, depending on the fish species. Forms of output: glass jars of 50 gr and 100 gr

  • “PREMIER”. Smooth and mild texture, translucent grain of light-grey color. Rich creamy taste with fresh ‘sea’ notes in aftertaste. Fresh ossetra caviar of superior quality. Forms of output: glass jars of 50 gr and 100 gr, cans of 125 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr

  • “IMPERIAL”. Caviar of the highest standard. This caviar has a special, smooth, silky texture, and the eggshell may be so gentle it just melts in your mouth at the slightest touch.

IMPERIAL’s distinctive feature is that it is made from the roe of 15-year-old (or older) fish. Gourmets know that the older the fish, the more valuable the delicacy. IMPERIAL offers an exquisite, particularly saturated, pure and fresh taste, just a touch bitter, with a slight creamy and nutty aftertaste.

Medium to large grain, size varies from 2 to 3 mm. Color ranges from dark grey to brownish. Glossy, with semitranslucent eggshell

To prevent fresh caviar from perishing, we use preservative LIV-1 (a mixture of sorbic and ascorbic acids), the shelf life of caviar is increased to 12 months at a storage temperature -2-4°C.


  • Fresh pressed caviar (in a casing)

  • “ASTRAKHANKA” (pasteurized pressed caviar)

Pressed caviar is a dense compressed product with a very bright taste that surely will be appreciated by caviar connoisseurs. Pressed caviar can be sliced.

Due to its excellent ability to keep the shape it is perfect as an ingredient or a decoration to beautify various dishes and appetizers at restaurants.

“Astrakhanka” is pressed caviar, prepared with original Astrakhan technology (roe is processed in warm lightly salted water solution – brine, and then it is dewatered and pressed).

The consistency of “Astrakhanka” is softer compared to that of the caviar that was produced in the Soviet Union and to which most of the fans of this product are accustomed.