My Friend’s Hot Mom: Sexy Shorts

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My Friend’s Hot Mom: Sexy Shorts

By Laura Lovecraft

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2023 Laura Lovecraft

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

Caught One-Handed

Chapter One

Accept call, Reid spoke when he saw his mother’s number come up on the dash display. Hey, mom, how’s Vegas, you and dad having fun?

You know what they say, Mom laughed, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and you’re better off that way.

Whoa, TMI, lady, I don’t need to know the dirty details.

Mom’s laugh filled the car, and he smiled, as he took the turn onto Tim’s street. This was the first time they’d been away in four years and he was happy they were having a good time.

Okay, we’ll keep all the wild stories about how your father’s getting tennis elbow from pulling the slot machines to ourselves.

I know nothink! Reid declared in a bad Sergeant Schultz imitation.

You and those old shows, Mom chuckled. Just called to see how you were doing.

I’m good, school’s fine, picked up an extra shift at hotel yesterday; made some extra money.

Careful with that, school first.

Yes, mom.

You’re being good for Elena, I hope?

I’m nineteen mom, not nine. I’m not giving Tim’s mother a hard time. Although truth be told he wouldn’t mind giving her something hard.

Just checking, it was nice of her to let you stay with them these two weeks.

Nicer if you trusted me enough to stay by myself. I’m a man now, you know.

Your father and I remember that age, honey. The kid whose parents were away was the one hosting the next party.

Way to trust, Mom.

Next time.

I’ll be moved out, by the time you duds take another vacation.

Okay, so next time it is! Mom laughed again. But seriously, I know you’re a good kid, but if there’s anything you can do for Elena while you’re there, you do it.

There was plenty he’d like to do for his best friend’s mother, but not anything his mother, or anyone else, would approve of.

Of course.

I mean it, since the divorce she’s working two jobs to get out from under the bills Jim left her with, plus being a mom. Poor woman has no life right now and I can’t imagine how tired she is, so seeing she’s helping us out, you help her.

I helped Tim clean out the garage two days ago and we’re tackling the basement Saturday.

Good, I appreciate it and I’m sure she does too.

I even made dinner my first night there, he boasted.

Shut up! Mom exclaimed. Did you really?

Yup, ordered and paid for the Chinese food myself.

That I believe, and it was nice of you, she paused. To use the money we gave you, when we left.

I shared.

Okay, have to run, just wanted to see how things were going.

Going great, Reid said while sitting in the driveway which was empty but for his car. You guys keep living La Vida Loca out there, ‘kay?

Hey, last night your father stayed up til eleven, he’s a wild man out here. Love you, honey.

Love you too.

He ended the call and exited his six year old Dodge Ram, while shaking his head at the fact, even while on the phone with his mother, he was having thoughts about Elena. He wouldn’t mind her showing him some appreciation for helping her out around the house.

In fact, he’d even be nice enough to make some suggestions as to just how she could do so. But instead, he’d settle for the sleazy but very undeniably thrilling new way of showing her some appreciation.

Not that she hadn’t been his go to source of masturbation material for several years, but these days; his Elena inspired fantasies had risen to an entirely new level, and being around her the last week, he’d been rising every time he saw her.

He entered the house, his cock already twitching in anticipation of yet another release dedicated to a woman he had no right thinking about and in the last place he should be doing so.

Reid dropped his book bag off in the spare room he’d been staying in, and kicking off his shoes removed his socks. He stripped off his shirt and jeans and just in his boxers strolled out of his room and down the hallway.

He felt a slight twinge of guilt as he passed Tim’s room.

“Hey, Reid, where you going?”

“To your mom’s room.”

“To do what?”

“What do you think? I’m going to jack off in her bed while thinking about fucking her senseless.”

“Oh, cool, see you later!”

He knew this was wrong on every level. You couldn’t help your fantasies, and like the line mom had used, what happened in your head stayed there, but this was entering the realm of seriously pervy.

But he couldn’t help himself and not like he would get caught and if no one else knew, then no harm, no foul.

Justify, he muttered, but with a grin as his lust was already ramping up to where his conscience was shoved into the back of his mind and the door slammed shut on it.

What would it be today? The lavender thong? That wild Zebra print bra? He heard himself whistling tunelessly as he opened the door and entered Elena’s room. As always, the bed was unmade and he couldn’t help thinking how perfect this schedule was.

Elena made good money as an RN, doing the over nights at a nursing home, but since the divorce, had taken a job at a cigar bar. They served food and liquor and women were allowed, but it tended to be mostly men.

The big shot types showing up in their suits to drink expensive Scotch and Cognac, while smoking hundred dollar cigars, were most of the clientele. Because they were men who enjoyed the finer things, the women who worked there dressed to impress.

Elena was the hostess, working from five in the afternoon, then leaving at 11:30 to get to the nursing home for midnight. Mom was right, it was a grueling schedule that she did three days a week, and then worked just the bar on Saturday night.

Reid wouldn’t say Elena dressed trashy, but she wore high heels, short skirts and tight tops. She always wore her long curly blonde hair down, and tended to wear her make up on the heavier side, especially her lipstick and eyeshadow and mascara.

Tim hated her working there because even though the owners were cool, and they ran the place professionally, the type of guys that went there tended to think every woman they saw was in play or for sale.

Elena had admitted to his mother she’d been propositioned several times, both for money, or just a guy wanting to hook up with her, but she wasn’t selling sex, nor would she ever sleep with some ‘smug prick’ who thought he was all that.

As far as Reid knew, she hadn’t been with anyone since she’d kicked Tim’s father out; when she came home unexpectedly at 2 in the morning, when there was a gas leak at the home