8 Best Adult and Hot Web Series on Ullu App Strictly for 18+

Adult movies of ullu

8 Best Adult and erotic web series from the Ullu app

The Ullu application has been streaming a plethora of Hindi web series across different genres. Owing to their plotlines, characters, and story, web series have become more popular than movies among millennials, and Gen Z. Many online streaming platforms are evolving today to offer you a wealth of new content to binge-watch, thanks to the budding acceptance of web series.

Ullu TV is one such streaming platform but for the adult audience with one of the most rapid growths. Due to its adult, provocative, and erotic web series content, this platform, launched in 2018, rapidly gained popularity among the youth of this country.

The adult web series on Ullu is not very expensive because it is not as popular as other platforms like the streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. However, there are still many web series on Ullu that you can fall in love with.

Especially in the year 2020, they managed to create and release a sizable quantity of web series. Here, we’ll describe the ullu web series list of the 8 adult and hot web series on the Ullu app you should watch. However, a word of caution must be followed. The content is strictly not for minors.


As the name suggests, Halala is a social commentary on issues like “triple talaq” and “Halala”. Halala is one of Ullu’s most liked and appreciated web series. To establish a little context for those who are not aware of what Halala means, “Halala” is an Islamic custom in which a woman gets a triple talaq divorce from her husband, marries another man, has a child with him, and then gets a second divorce to remarry her first husband.

Halala narrated the story of Afza, a woman who is happily married to Rahil. The couple is leading a happy married life when Rahil, out of anger, triple talaq’s Afza. Now Afza must undergo Halala Ritual to remarry Rahil. Will she be able to accomplish her husband’s appeal?

This series features elements of romance, drama, and struggle.

Rated as one of the most rated and Ullu hot web series, Panchali revolves around a woman who becomes the wife of four brothers and has a son. She also tries to attract the fifth brother to complete the tradition as it originally was in Mahabharata. The show becomes intriguing when the fifth brother also starts to fall for her.

riti riwaj

Riti Riwaj brings forth for the audience a subject that is not touched upon as much in our society- woman’s sexual desires. Alternately, the web series focuses on how the shortage of water is affecting lives in rural India and how one man is gratifying his sexual desires by getting married multiple times. However, he is not capable of quenching the sexual thirst of one of his wives, and he has no clue as to how far she’ll go to accomplish the orgasm.


This series is an eye-opener about the scenarios faced by widows in our society. Quite understandably, the narrative runs around a widow who is battling a financial crisis and how she reaches out to the government offices to avail of a pension. It further portrays how she engages in sexual activity with powerful men to confirm she acquires everything she deserves and wants.

Revolving around a struggling actor named Karan, Ashuddhi reveals the secrets of a secret society. Karan discovers himself in a fervent relationship that suddenly changes course. When his landlady Vidya (Kavita Radheshyam) and Karan are acquainted with a Secret Society that allegedly wields excessive amounts of power, things start to spiral out of hand.

The series also investigates these hazardous concealed establishments and their members, including their ideologies, ulterior motives, and ultimate objective.


This thriller story is set against the backdrop of a money-minded businessman who plans to launch his airline operation. His lover goes on to finalize the task of achieving the license by blackmailing the minister. After acquiring the license, the businessman cheats his lover and gets into a relationship with an air hostess.

The betrayed woman is shown to marshal out to exact revenge. This brings us to the question of whether the cheated woman will be able to avenge her broken faith. Or will the fortune of the man be lost forever in the sands of time?


Debuting on the Ullu app, Bhasudi is an Indian web series that is directed and created by the likes of Sajid Siddiqui and Rahul Abhua. The series goes on to star Rahul Abhua, Sajid Siddiqui, Sunder Lal Chabra, Kartikey, and Sarthak. A clutch of young people’s lives is fundamental to the course of the story. The fact that they deal in weapons causes things to change. Things change when deadly attacks and gangster fights follow one after the other.

Me Too Movie

This series derives its name from the well-known MeToo movement. Based on calling out the men in the industry who have harassed women, this web series tells the tale of a Bollywood actress who paid a heavy price for her reputation.

Discovered dead in an event, this high-profile actress leaves a note in her purse that reads #metoo. This web series is based on real-life events and is presented as a thriller, suspenseful, and glamorous story. If you enjoy watching high-voltage thriller dramas, this is the perfect series.