5 Bizarre Reasons Why The Internet Is Boycotting ‘Brahmastra’ Ahead Of Its Release

There used to be a time when the power of influencing others was limited to celebrities and actors from the film fraternity. But now, with social media booming like it is, anyone with a social media account and a sound wifi can influence others with the click of a button, especially if their post precedes a #BoycottBollywood hashtag.

And we’ve come to realize this after we’ve seen a section of the audience boycott several movies back to back, ranging from Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha to Akshay Kumar’s Samrat Prithviraj.

#BoycottBramhastraKaran Johar- Third Gender.Alia bhatt- Nepotism child.Ranbir Kapoor- Nepotism Boy.Rishi Kapoor – supporter of Dawood Ibrahim.Mahesh bhatt- Wanna marry his own daughter.BIG B- No support to SSRcaseStill you wanna see movie???#BoycottbollywoodCompletely pic.twitter.com/vE2KkrGJTM

Followed by Ayan Mukherjee’s Brahmastrawhich is also getting boycotted left, right and centre, just a few days ahead of its release.

Not like trolls have ever needed a valid reason to do anything, but here’s a look at all the bizarre reasons why Brahmastra is getting boycotted on the internet:

1. Alia Bhatt’s Comment On Boycott Culture

Now Alia Bhatt arrogantly does a Kareena Kapoor : “If you dont like me, Dont watch me” Her movie Brahmastra us coming. Listen to her & dont watch the movie #AliaBhatt#BoycottBollywood #BoycottBrahmastra pic.twitter.com/gUuksdE4MD

A couple of weeks ago, during an interview, the lead actress of Brahmastra, Alia Bhatt gave her two cents on the entire ‘boycott culture’ and spoke about how she can’t keep defending herself verbally and rather do it through her work.

During that interview, Alia also said, “If you don’t like me, don’t watch me”, which furthermore instigated people to boycott her and her upcoming film, as they found her remark rather ‘insensitive’ and ‘arrogant’.

2. Ranbir Kapoor’s Food Preferences

An old video of Ranbir Kapoor from years ago surfaced during the promotions of ‘Brahmastra’ where he can be heard sharing how he enjoys eating ‘beef’, a revelation that irked several Hindus who consider worship and revere cows and treat them as holy.

3. Karan Johar

Begging in English. Karan Johar ashamed of speaking Hindi. These colonial slaves with inferiority complex will never change. Bollywood is just made for SoBo crowd and NRIs. Boycott karo 🙏#BoycottBramhashtra #BoycottBramhastra #BoycottBollywood #Bollywood #Brahmastra https://t.co/xfJ7Cw8ehr

Since the audience recognises Karan Johar as the ‘flag bearer of Nepotism’, with him producing the film, people found an added incentive to boycott his film, just because.

A lot of people have gotten personal in their tweets on social media, admitting that they’re willing to boycott any movie that has links to KJo, a statement that we saw turning into reality during ‘Liger’ promotions as well, which was boycotted for similar reasons.

4. Alia-Ranbir Casting

#BoycottBramhashtraIt will be floped movie bcoz Ranbir & Alia bhatt are not big star they’re Nepotism kids I reject them 😂Bollywood aukaat now days👣#BoycottBramhashtra

Adding to the ‘nepotism’ factor, the fact that the lead actors of the film are two prominent star kids of the film industry is also irking quite many people into boycotting the film.

5. Ranbir Making Fun Of Alia Bhatt’s Pregnancy Weight

Not a reason as intense as others, but at this point, if anyone even raises their finger wrong, people are ready to turn it into a reason to boycott the film.

During a YouTube appearance, Ranbir Kapoor casually made a problematic remark on Alia’s weight gain during pregnancy, and people got pissed and used it as an added incentive to ‘cancel’ his upcoming film.