Top 10 Hottest Web Series On OTT Platforms In India In 2023

Presently, adult web series in Indian cinema are undergoing a notable transformation, as various endeavors are being made to create such series. While the outcome remains uncertain, these initiatives come at a favorable time and are supported by evidence. The extensive utilization of explicit nudity in mainstream series like Sacred Games and Mirzapur has familiarized a significant portion of the audience with the erotica genre. However, selecting the best Hindi adult web series from the plethora already available on Indian online streaming platforms can pose a challenge. To simplify your decision-making process, we have meticulously reviewed numerous online options and curated a selection of popular Indian adult web series for your viewing pleasure.

1. Gandii Baat


In 2020, Gandii Baat, an Indian adult web series available on Alt Balaji, became increasingly popular. The series, which premiered in 2018, showcases unique adult themes in each episode, making for a captivating viewing experience. What sets this web series apart is its ability to challenge stereotypes about rural India and offer insight into lesser-known aspects of its culture. It delves into the private desires of people residing in rural India and sheds light on topics that might otherwise remain unknown.

2. Virgin Bhaskar


Zee5 offers another Hindi web series for adults called Virgin Bhaskar, which has gained popularity due to its comedic timing, gags, and focus on erotica. If you’re someone who enjoys frequent laughter, this web series is perfect for you. The story centers around Bhaskar, a 26-year-old virgin who has authored several successful erotic novels but is still struggling with unfulfilled fantasies. As you watch the episodes, you’ll find the series increasingly captivating and suspenseful. The intimate and chemistry-filled relationships between Bhaskar and his girlfriends will leave you feeling both aroused and intrigued.

3. Maaya: Slave of Her Desires


This Indian web series, directed by Vikram Bhatt, is ranked as the most popular among adult content. It may not suit those who are uneasy with explicit characters and pornographic material, but it is not solely focused on adult themes, as the storyline is equally engaging. The show was launched in 2017, with a total of 11 episodes that are evenly spread out.

4. Class of 2020


Class of 2020, a Hindi web series for ALTBalaji’s video-on-demand platform, was created and produced by Vikas Gupta in 2020. The series features Rohan Mehra and Joyita Chatterjee in leading roles and explores the challenges faced by a group of teenagers, including drug use, sexual exploration, peer pressure, and anxiety.

5. XXX: Uncensored


Indian erotica offers a plethora of unexplored genres, and even if one series delves into a specific aspect, it would take over a hundred series to cover them all. The web series XXX is a testament to this fact. The show features several characters dealing with various issues related to sexuality. While this may seem like a typical storyline for an adult web series, the cast, including Kyra Dutt, Aparna Bajpai, Rithvik Dhanjani, and other actors, and director Ken Ghosh bring a unique perspective. The series was initially produced as a film, but the censorship board rejected it due to its nudity and sexual content. Fortunately, Alt Balaji came to the rescue by producing the series.

6. Mastram


Mastram is an adult series created by MX Player, a streaming platform and app. The series is based on a film of the same name that was released in 2014. Anshuman Jha and Tara Alisha Berry play the lead roles. The female lead was the same as in the previous film. The entire series revolves around Raja Ram, an author who achieves success with his book Mastram. Aakash Dabhade, Rani Chatterjee, and Vipin Sharma also star in this online erotica series. The series is a must-see for anyone seeking erotica pleasure.

7. Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa


An Indian web series geared towards adults is available to view for free on YouTube. The series delves into important educational topics surrounding intimacy and offers viewers the ability to learn about these concepts through a series of mini-episodes. This provides an excellent opportunity to introduce young people to adult topics, such as physical relationships and intimacy, in a controlled and educational environment. The series follows the educational discussions of Pappu and Papa, a father-son duo, as they cover a range of themes related to intimacy with each episode focusing on a unique topic.

8. Karejit Kaur


The documentary Karenjit Kaur chronicles the life of Sunny Leone, a once-controversial figure who transitioned from a middle-class Sikh upbringing to a career in adult film and ultimately Bollywood. The series explores her evolution from a young girl to an adult film actress and her eventual rise to fame in Indian cinema

9. Hello Mini

The film Hey Mini depicts the tale of a Bengali girl who relocates to Bombay (Mumbai) to pursue an engineering degree, but her life is soon complicated by an unforeseen event. The Ahuja Joshi, Priya Bannerjee, Mrinal Dutt, and Anshul Pandey-starring serial reaches a point where viewers are compelled to binge watch. One of MX Player’s best series, without a doubt. The movie’s director, Faruk Kabir, did a fantastic job at creating tension and expressing eroticism in a realistic way.

10. Fuh Se Fantasy

Fuh Se Fantasy is another series that Voot has produced. A guy and a woman fall in love, which is essentially the plot’s entire premise. The 2019 release of this love drama did a terrific job of drawing in a sizable audience. Due to the presence of Priya Bannerjee, Sheetal Thakur, and Karan Vahl, it is worthwhile to see. The young actors have performed superbly considering their inexperience. It will be great to see more romantic and PG-13 movies.