No One Wanted a Special Kitten Until He Met This Woman

Nothing wrong with Zeke’s loving heart. All he needed was a family to love him as he is and let him share his kitten love with them! Love is the most powerful of miracle.

Zeke is a beautiful kitten, the lady who adopted him is a beautiful lucky lady with a generous 💓.

This baby is so lovable! Bless the woman and her other kitty who gave this boy the opportunity to thrive and to have a wonderful loving life! Such a cutie! He’s absolutely precious! I mean truly irresistible.

Maybe people were afraid that they couldn’t sufficiently meet his needs. I’m so glad someone adopted him. He’s a gift from heaven. This is the most heartwarming, arguably and heartbreaking kitty rescue.

A beautiful human and a kitten badly in need of love and care come together to form a fulfilling bond. There’s nothing wrong with that little baby cakes cute face 🐾🤗🐈😁 Zeke is adorable. May his adopter Lisa be abundantly blessed for the love and kindness she gives this kitty.

I also love his “pants” on his back legs! 💕💕💕 How could you not want that baby? Take in a minute. One of god’s children is so precious and he is trusting you with one of his own.🥰 Precious!

My first friend in New Orleans had a toy poodle like this named Gracie. She was so precious and special. They greeted me on the sidewalk the day my late husband and I moved in.💗💗


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