These Are The 5 Hottest Indian Doctors Abroad

Hottest Indian doctors – We entrust our lives with the doctors and they revert us with warmth and affection. Medical profession is the most noble profession in the world where people should pour their hearts and be intensely honest for the overall welfare of people. If you think from another angle, doctors bring lives into the world apart from mothers who carries the baby in her womb.

In plain speak, doctors are next to god or plays his part on this Earth because god can’t be everywhere. However, one doesn’t become a doctor like a cakewalk, it takes a lot of devotion and passion forget burning midnight oil.

The hardships don’t only end with cracking the medical entrance examination but that increase manifolds as a medical student studies further and rides his career ladder. But then again, with great power comes great responsibility and they put their best foot forward to treat us well and bring us to life again with honest efforts. They are conditioned to put their duties before personal needs which can be likened with the duty of soldiers that stand guard at our borders.

In the greater canvas, both are doing the same job of serving the humanity so kudos to them.

But if doctors are eye candies too? Think about it, would you not like to be sick forever?

let’s find out some of such Hottest Indian doctors who are engaged in medical profession. True definition of beauty with brains they are.

Hottest Indian doctors –

1 – Asha Ayyagari Adams:

She is a physician who radiates grace and intelligence. We can already guess the patient sitting across her table would feel a spell of fresh life breathed into them as she speaks. She is a Yoga practitioner and a Tennis enthusiast when she is not being a doctor, off duty that is and how effing cool is that?

2 – Dr.Parul Cial :

Dr Parul has bagged an MD degree in Radiology and she is currently located in Croatia. Apart from being a doctor she has an eye for beauty and passion for art. She likes to post aesthetically beautiful pictures in her social media handles when she is not serving her patients.

3 – Dr. Natasha Gambhir:

Natasha who is a psychiatry student, currently based in Austin, is a bona fide fashion enthusiast also. She vouches for open interactions and overall mental health. Her warmth makes her patients easily open up to her.

4 – Dr. Poonam Desai:

Poonam is an emergency medical doctor whose interest excels in dancing too when she is off duty. She is a trained doctor and is not ready to forgo her talent on account of her profession. She perfectly balances both areas in life and hence a superwoman.

5 – Smita Malhotra:

She is a Pediatrician by degree and an active contributor of both Washington Post and Huffington Post. She herself is a mother of two and vouches for taking care of the self which helps you take care of your kids better.

These Hottest Indian doctors prove that women can move mountains and she will fare every responsibility given to them, both professionally and personally.