She has never stopped grinning despite having been shackled and injured her entire life.

All dogs deserve a life full of pampering and basic attention such as food, medical service and a space where they can run freely. However, many dogs are sadly chained and subjected to a horrible life full of lack. This is the unfortunate case of a cute little dog named Aphrodite, to whom being constantly chained was causing her the most terrible injuries .

According to the veterinarians, the dog has not yet turned one year old.

Aphrodite spent most of her life tied to a garden . When she was found she was completely covered in flies and had a noticeable wound on her neck due to the constant friction of the chain with which she was tied. She was later handed over by her owners to a shelter in Texas, but there the number of euthanized dogs was terribly high and not all of them could get a fair chance to start a new life.

“This is what negligence looks like. Fleas and flies draw blood from you and attract more fleas and flies that lay more eggs. The larvae eat the meat, and more blood attracts more larvae .”

Cindy Droogmans, a founder of rescue team A – Team Dogs, took pity on her as soon as she met her and realized how much damage the collar was doing to her .

“The necklace was too close to her skin.”

But what immediately made him fall in love with Aphrodite was her personality. Even though she could tell that she had spent the first months of her life in a terrible situation, she seemed to be the most loving dog in the world . She kept smiling and wagging her tail at everyone who came up to her.

“Look at this beautiful spirit , she has a spark of happiness in her eyes whenever someone is near her.”

Cindy coordinated all of the work to make sure that Aphrodite began receiving much-needed medical care . She is now recovering and when she is stronger she can be transferred to New York to find a forever home. Cindy has decided to fully commit herself to helping this little dog that she has so much love to give.

“We promise you that you are safe now and will soon have a better life.”

Without a doubt, Aphrodite will be able to start her new life thanks to the help of Cindy and the shelter. We hope that she will soon recover completely and soon find the family that she so deserves.

We invite you to share this moving note to thank the noble work these rescuers do.


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