Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Essay in English | MPSC Essay 2023

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Essay in English | MPSC Essay 2023

Important Essay on Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication for our MPSC, UPSC Aspirants in English. This essay has already came in UPSC Exam 2020.


The aphorism “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” denotes that perfection comes from the simplicity and it is mainly acknowledged by people who themselves manifest simplicity. This quote has been delivered by Leonardo Da Vinci. Thus simplicity is regarded as a real treasure and it is cherished by wise people. In addition, simplicity is a highly valued quality for an individual. In order to achieve simplicity a person has to give his utmost efforts and goodness to acquire this treasure. Apart from simplicity, there are two other treasures such as patience and compassion. Simplicity is about being the best and there are many renowned personalities who have tried to be the best and remain sophisticated by showcasing their simplicity.


Simplicity is centred around being uncomplicated and thus it helps to achieve a perfect realisation in life. In the Indian context, there are various prominent figures who by being simple have succeeded in guiding us with their best advice and showering the light of wisdom and righteousness on us. APJ Abdul Kalam was the most venerable and beloved scientist in India and this happened because of his simple nature. Popularly known as the Missile Man of Inida, his great personality despite having abundant knowledge showed no lack of curiosity. He has dedicated his entire life to the country and even after retiring from the presidential post he continued to teach children because it was his passion. By being simple he showed good leadership qualities and showed respect and concern for others.

Another epitome of sophistication is Mother Teresa who was also simple. She was generous, empathetic and altruistic. Besides this, she was a hardworking and motivated person who always had the desire to get connected with the world. She too led a simple life and conveyed a simple message for the poor. She stated that “the poor must know that we love them.”She took care of the patients suffering from leprosy and AIDS and nursed them back to health. Furthermore, she regarded herself as a god’s vessel and thus she worked with the most vulnerable and suffering people.

Simplicity is always easy to comprehend and it has the amalgamation of various other aspects. These are certainly, coherence and intelligibility. To substantiate this point of view, the simplicity of Mahatma Gandhi as a prominent leader can be cited. Mahatma Gandhi was a simple leader wherein who followed the transformational leadership style. He always empowered his followers to make them feel better. He earned the remarkable feat by being the leader of the non-violent civil disobedience movement.


To conclude it can be said that, simplicity helps in building character. All the eminent personalities including Mahatama Gandhi, and APJ Abdul Kalam followed a simple lifestyle accompanied by high thinking. Hence they were able to earn their feats and their valuable teaching is etched forever in the minds of the people.


Q1. Who quoted this “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Ans: Leonardo Da Vinci stated that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Q2. Mention the name of the two personalities who followed a simple lifestyle.

Ans: The two eminent personalities who followed a simple lifestyle are Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi.

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