Who are these so-called P3Ps???

Folks sorry for the delay in coming out with the LISTS. I was waiting to get the names tabulated from the huge number of recommendations that I received from the readers. The LIST is compiled based on the responses I received from the readers so as to eliminate any bias.

First of all let me define a ‘Henpecked Husband’. A typical Henpecked Husband is the poor guy; he squirms under the thumb of a domineering wife, very likely a Grande Dame. Her word is law, and he can only obey, with a meek and humble, “Yes, dear.” We laugh at his misfortune, and maybe pity him a little. So based on this definition who are the Top Henpecked Husbands of 2011?

From Delhi Robbie Mohan and Amit Burman got the maximum votes.

Robbie Mohan is married to Tanisha Mohan, who is a walking-talking billboard of Luxury Brands. Tanisha definitely wears the pants in the Mohan household and we have often seen Robbie meekly surrendering to his wife’s demands. It is a common sight at Page 3 parties where you can find Robbie holding on to Tanisha’s designer bag and her drink as she floats around schmoozing the crowd. High time Robbie takes things in his hands and stop being enslaved by his better-half.

Amit Burman who runs a chain of succesful restaurants and also is the scion of the Dabur Group is in total control when it comes to running his vast business empire. At home Amit plays the second fiddle to his demanding wife, Divya Burman.

The names topping from Mumbai are that of Adi Godrej and Shahrukh Khan.

Adi Godrej of Godrej Industries may be the boss-man at his office but back home it is his wife , Parmeshwar Godrej who calls the shots. I still couldn’t get over the image of Adi holding on to the umbrella and Parmeshwar’s clutch as they walked in to the premier of Robot when it was pouring cats and dogs. From the readers I have learnt that Pam’s word is law at the Godrej household and poor Adi has to fall in the line to whatever Parmeshwar decides.

Most readers of this Blog claim that Shahrukh Khan is the most henpecked husband in the history of India. Gauri wears the pants and pockets all the money that SRK rakes in. In an interview SRK said that Gauri loves to buy things and if anything gets “used” at all she marches out an buys another expensive item right away and tosses the old one, and does this many times daily. No wonder SRK is always in a rush to make money and more money and probably that’ s the reason why he dances at weddings. Even with the Priyanka Chopra episode, Gauri gave an utlimatum to Shahrukh to stay away from her. In fact Gauri had the last laugh by inviting Priyanka to the Diwali bash and then ensuring nobody talked to her. Poor SRK was just a meek audience to all this tamasha.

The other close contenders to the Top Henpecked Husbands of 2011 were Sanjay and Shalini Passi, Arjun Rampal and Raj Kundra. I am sure you don’t need explanations for them! Sanjay Passi has no qualms of Shalini being linked up with other men. Mehr Jessia Rampal almost ruined Arjun Rampal’s friendship with SRK by openly voicing her discontent on how Arjun’s role in Ra-One was chopped by Shahrukh Khan. About Raj Kundra, well Shilpa Shetty will soon make Raj go bankrupt.

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