On a cold winter morning, I saw her while I was waiting for the bus to drop me at my school. Walking steadily, her hair strangling and coming on her beautiful face like waves on a beach. Wearing a printed flounce georgette suit with a mock turtle-neck cardigan, lugging a heavy canister in her hand, probably for carrying milk or something.

She glanced at me footing as a prop and then smiled at me as she knew me and I was a kid smiled back at her as well, pondering who’s she? It was a teeny-weeny jiff of a nice stranger smiling. It felt like she wanted to apprise me about how heavy that canister in her hand was or how cold it was that time or how unkind this world has truly been to this lovely-pleasing smile she just gave to me. It felt like she’s a friend standing by to happen.

I and she were nothing but two people casually crossing paths yet I had a yearning to wish her a great morning and tell her how contagious her as pretty as a picture, smile really is. I didn’t know how to deal with the fact that we were just strangers passing by and when will our stars align and we’ll cross each other’s paths again because that smile made me feel like home. Maybe, a home is nothing but a warm welcoming smile.

Sometimes, a stranger can bring significant meaning to your life. I hope she’s genuinely contented even now wherever she is and smiling at another stranger from the middle of her heart authentically. From adoring her covertly as a stranger to writing about her as a casual writer, I remain your secret admirer. I hope that I see you again someday and if I do, this is all I’ll say.

I looked at you longingly because you warmed my heart. I really hope that you never get exhausted with the weight of the world when you’ve to carry it all on your shoulders heartily and strongly. I hope you don’t fear but fight and come off strong and vigorous and never ever give up on life because someone out there is an absolute fan of your smile. Your smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Your smile not only warms someone’s heart but also has the power to warm that cold winter morning. Your smile reminds people that they’re loved. So, your smile is precious to someone. There’s someone who’s really glad of your existence. There’s someone who adores you and admires you from far. So, please keep that smile on and never ever give up on it. Also, remember that you’ll always move through the struggle, times may be tough but you can and you always will push through.

“Even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again.” So, never ever give up on your life. You really are highly important because you’ve given people thousands of smiles and laughs because you give your friends and parents a reason to be happy because someone can see something or hear a song that reminds you of them and smile because people will never forget the words you said to them that changed their life for the better because you’re the highlight of someone’s day because something won’t exist if it weren’t for you because the world is a better place with you.