11 Hindi Hot Web Series You Should Watch Alone

Hindi hot web series have become a sensation after the growing popularity of several OTT platforms. The youngsters are hooked on the hot web series due to their characters, plot, and erotic content. Adult web series are free and cheap and are easily available on platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Ullu, ALTBalaji, etc. However, there is still a lot of Hindi hot web series to choose from and you do not want to waste your time and energy in picking out the best ones. So, here, we will discuss the best 11 adult and hot web series that you must watch:

Here are the best Hindi hot web series that are binge-worthy:

1. Panchali (2019)

This is one of the most popular hot Hindi web series that you can find on the Ullu app. This 2019 adult web series revolves around a woman who is married to four brothers and has a son. She also tries to be the wife of the fifth brother by attracting him to fulfill the tradition. Things get interesting when he starts falling for her.

Where to watch: Ullu, MX Player

Panchali (2019) ullu hot web series

2. Bribe (2018)

This hot web series Hindi web series is all about Padma. Padma is a widow who is forced to engage in sexual activity with rich and powerful men by her brother in order to get her widow’s pension. This web series is all about how she manages to get everything she deserves and wants. Her struggle and the things she had to give up in order to keep what she wants is an interesting watch. The series features Megha Gupta, Harshita Gaur, Hemant Choudhary, and Dev Vyas.

Where to watch: Ullu

Bribe (2018), hindi hot web series

3. Gandi Baat (2018)

The Gandi Baat Hindi hot web series was released in the year 2018. The series created a buzz as there are several hot and bold scenes in this series. This adult web series is not something you can watch with your family. Each episode of this Hindi web series hot represents a short love story. This web series has 7 seasons to watch.

Where to watch: ALTBalaji, MX Player, JioCinema

Gandi Baat (2018), hot web series hot

4. Ashuddhi (2020)

This hot web series is about a struggling actor named Karan and his association with a secret society. He is portrayed as an innocent actor who finds himself in a passionate relationship. When his landlady Vidya played by actress Kavita Radheshyam and Karan played by Hiten Tejwani are introduced to a secret society things start to get out of hand. The secret society allegedly has immense amounts of power. This hot web series Hindi is an interesting watch.

Where to watch: Ullu

hot web series hindi

5. Bhasudi (2020)

This Ullu app Hindi hot web series Bhasudi is a must-watch. Directed and produced by Sajid Siddiqui and Rahul Abhua. This hot web series in Hindi language is about the lives of a group of young people. This is a hot Indian web series that has an interesting plot. Be ready for deadly attacks and gangster fights besides some bold scenes.

Where to watch: MX Player

Bhasudi (2020), sexy web series

6. Virgin Bhaskar (2019)

In this Hindi web series hot, a boy is in search of his partner. The lead of Virgin Bhaskar is a novelist, who resides in Banaras. This web series is a comedy and romantic drama where you will get to see an interesting plot and hot scenes.

Where to watch: ALT Balaji

Virgin Bhaskar (2019)

7. 26 January (2018)

Ved has been assigned a task and works in ATS. Ved develops feelings for a girl named Insia during this mission. But later she gets to know that he is a potential terrorist suspect.

Where to watch: MX Player

26 January (2018) web series

8. #Metoo (2019)

Inspired by the famous Metoo movement the Metoo web series is based on incidents that happened in late 2018. Several Bollywood actresses claimed that they were harassed or molested by one or more male employees of the industry. This hot web series Hindi exclusively tells the story of a Bollywood actress who had to go through a lot to gain fame.

This Bollywood actress was found dead at an event and had a metoo note in her bag. This Hindi web series hot is based on real events and has plenty of bold scenes and is shown as a thriller, and glamorous story.

Where to watch: MX Player, Ullu

#Metoo (2019) web series hot

9. Bekaboo (2019)

This bold web series on OTT, Bekaboo has two seasons. The lead actors Priya Banerjee and Rajeev Siddharth have got amazing chemistry. If you are looking for hot, sexy, and bold scenes, add this one to your list.

Where to watch: MX Player, ALTBalaji

Bekaboo (2019), hindi hot web series

10. Julie (2019)

Julie is a sexy web series available on Ullu App. It revolves around the lead character, Julie, and it showcases her experiences with love and relationships. Things turn sour when she encounters a paranoid lover who begins to relentlessly pursue her. Her life becomes messed up. This hot web series on Ullu is full of surprises.

Where to watch: MX Player, Ullu

Julie (2019)

11. Dev DD (2017)

ALTBalaji’s superhit hot Hindi web series Dev DD is full of bold and intimate scenes. Ii is a very popular adult web series easily available on OTT apps.

Where to watch: Zee5, JioCinema, ALTBalaji

Dev DD (2017), altbalaji hot web series