‘Touch the sky with glory’: IAF

Video touch the sky with glory meaning

One’s ambitions, desires or expectations have no limits or boundaries. When one gets a certain quantity, he wishes for more, and when that much is got, he wishes for still more and the process continues endlessly. This state of human mind is described by the idiom ‘Sky is the limit’. There is practically no limit to something such as a price that can be charged or the opportunities afforded to someone. For example, the senior corporate manager told the young executives that if they desired to reach at the top positions in the company they are working for, they must go on exerting themselves tirelessly at work, and fulfilling the targets fixed by the higher management for them, perceiving it well that for them, sky is the limit.

It means that our potential is limitless….we can achieve anything that we want to because we’ve got all the optimum conditions and there is no limit of success….one can be infinitely successful….there is no obstruction by nature…It is our mind that puts obstructions and that’s the reason why the very next line tells us that sky is limitless….If there is anything that can limit us is our very own mind…The IAF’s motto “Touch the Sky with Glory” is from the Bhagavad Gita, where it aims to fight enemies by using air power to defend the nation. The Motto of Indian Air Force (Touch the sky with Glory) has been taken from the eleventh chapter of the Gita, the Discourse given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the Great War of Mahabharata.

The first word ‘touch’ is most powerful – not ‘reach’, not ‘push’, not ‘stretch’ – but ‘touch’! There are many instances in history where significant results have been achieved by a ‘touch’. The iconic, legendary and brave Marshal of the IAF Arjan Singh ‘touched’ the hearts and minds of all Air Warriors and their families with his philanthropy and generosity through his Trust, Doolittle and his Raiders only ‘touched’ the fringes of Tokyo, but brought a great nation to its knees, and so did many more Air Warriors change the course of a war or conflict, with a gentle ‘touch’ on their trigger button.

The second important word in the IAF Motto ‘sky’ is the philosophy, drive and guide to greatness. The Indian Air Force literally inhabits the ‘sky’ – which is the battle ground on which an Air Warrior grows, learns, fights and even breathes. Rakesh Sharma did this and more, by going beyond what Air Warriors call ‘sky’ – into space! The ‘sky’ actually encapsulates what all Air Warriors must strive for – perseverance, greatness and the pursuit to reach even higher! The final coup-de-grace comes with the word ‘glory’.The pursuit for glory involves two distinct elements – the journey and the destination. All Air Warriors must always remember that you cannot reach your destination with ‘glory’, if your journey has not been honourable and courageous!

And therefore my gallant Air Warriors, no matter what your own definition of ‘sky’ is, or ‘glory’ is, and no matter what ‘touches’ you, always remember that if you choose to and really want to, you will always be able to ‘touch the sky with glory’ – if you have adventure, determination, grit and honesty as your constant companions, all through your glorious journey in the Indian Air Force! To me, my dear Air Warriors, our Motto – “Touch the Sky with Glory” is an entire philosophy. This philosophy encapsulates the distilled singularity of human drive to achieve the desired tasks and goals correctly and perfectly, consisting of three very significant words and elements. Cheers!