Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe – Five Tips for Raising Your Vibrations

If you want to change your circle of friends or clients, the first thing you should change is what you put out there into the world. Check out these powerful tactics to raise your vibe and transform your life.

I want to tell you about Raza. She’s my client and one of the most positive people I’ve ever spoken to.

Twice a week, we have Q&A calls in my Momentum programme. My clients and I use this time to catch up and see how everyone’s doing. I ask them if they have any questions for me or what they are currently working on.

But before we start, I ask everyone a simple question:

“How are you?”

It’s not small talk because I really want to know how my clients are feeling.

This is where Raza shines. You see, her constant answer is, “I’m amazing!” And you can feel it from her tone that it’s true.

The moment she says those words, she manages to raise the energy of the whole group. It fills me with joy and it brightens my day.

I really believe that our vibe attracts our tribe. And if we want to attract certain kinds of people, we need to pay attention to the energy we send out into the world. So if you want to be happy and successful, you need to surround yourself with people like that.

Do you want to improve your vibe?

Take a look at how you can raise your vibrations even if you’re feeling low.

You Get What You Put Out Into the World

The vibe that we put out into the world is what’s going to attract a certain kind of people to our life. It can be your team, your clients, or your friends – anyone.

That’s why it’s so important to understand that the way we act comes back to us tenfold, both positive and negative.

So if we wake up in the morning feeling grumpy, chances are we’re not going to attract happy, confident, and positive people. That’s the way it works because people surround themselves with those who are just like them. And this also extends to the things we come across and the opportunities we attract.

The best thing about this is that we can change the way we feel and act. And this could change our entire life.

But what does this have to do with your work as an accountant?

On social media, people aren’t only reading what you post – they’re able to tell how you feel.

So if you’re angry all the time or you believe that the world is against you, people who come across your posts will be able to sense it. Not because of your content but because of the way you write or speak in your videos.

If you want to own a VITAL accounting firm, you have to attract positive and confident clients. You don’t want to attract the vampire clients that drain you, and that’s why you have to change what you put out in the world.

If you apply our tips, you’ll not only change your vibe, but you’ll also change your circumstances.

How to Raise Your Vibrations

Do you want to start raising your vibrations today? Follow these tips, try them all, and then see what works best for you.

Understand the Impact That You Have on Others

Jim Rohn says that we’re the sum of the five people that we hang around the most. Now, most of us understand that the people surrounding us have a big influence on the way we feel. But we often forget that we have a huge influence on others as well.

If you have a small tribe and you interact with them, you impact them profoundly. There are people waiting for you to show up. And there are people who want to hear everything that we have to say.

Let me give you one example.

I’ve committed to show up online four times a week at eight o’clock. Do you think I love showing up at this specific time? Not always. Sometimes I’m tired, and sometimes all I want is to stay in my bed.

But nevertheless, I do it because I don’t want to let my people down. I do it for my community or the people that follow me.

Once I understood the impact that I have, I pay special attention to make sure I show up positive and motivated.

I listen to motivational and uplifting videos every morning before I go online. I want to raise my vibe before I show up in front of other people. Because that’s the only way to help them raise their vibe, too.

Know That You Have a Lot to Be Grateful For

Let’s face it. If you have internet and you’re reading this on your computer or your mobile phone, you have an unfair advantage just like me and many people in our country. But a lot of them aren’t even aware of it.

Yes, the economic climate may not be as great as it was. But the odds are that we’ll still have many more opportunities than people in some other parts of the world. Be grateful for the fact that you’re qualified and that you know how to do accounts or bookkeeping. It means you can make money and change your situation no matter what.

Everyone has bad days. But when you feel like life isn’t kind to you, try to remember all the good things in your life. Count your blessings.

There are so many things in our lives to be grateful for. And when you start to live in a place of gratitude, you’ll attract people and clients who are like that as well.

Don’t Be a Vampire Client

If you want to attract high-value clients that won’t question your value or price, you have to be a high-value client yourself. You shouldn’t be a vampire client to others or you’ll attract the same kind of people.

Vampire clients are those who always complain and ask for a discount, for starters. So if you don’t want clients who ask for discounts, you shouldn’t as well.

When you respect other businesses, your clients will respect you. So when you’re the customer, don’t treat other business owners the way you don’t want your clients to treat you.

You’ll eventually meet people who have the same values as you. They’re the people who won’t question your price but rather invest in you as the accountancy firm owner.

The way you treat other people will rub off and you’ll start attracting much better clients as a result. When you change, everything changes. It just can’t be the other way.

Offer Value to Receive Value

I want to share with you an important lesson I haven’t shared in public before.

About a year ago, one of my friends subscribed to a business growth program. He gave me access to the program and said, “Hey, have a look at this, I’m sure you’ll like it.” So he gave me his credentials.

I watched a couple of videos, but I was feeling bad all the time. And then I asked myself, “How would you feel if someone shared your program with someone else without paying for it?”

I knew the answer:

I’d feel terrible because I worked really hard to prepare my program.

I knew that I needed to get rid of something that was putting out bad vibes into the world. If I want people to appreciate the value I provide, I have to do the same.

So, I went and paid for the programme even though I’d already seen it and nobody knew I’d done so. But I felt guilty so I had to do it.

Although I never watched the program after I bought it, paying for it made me feel better. And soon after, I started attracting even better clients than before.

We attract people that are similar to us, and that’s why I’ll always be grateful for this lesson.

Protect Yourself from Negative People

Just like you should strive to attract positive people, you have to protect yourself from negative people. But sometimes it’s easier to say than to do this.

Those negative people may be your close friends or family members. While you can’t get rid of them, you can learn how to protect yourself from their vibe.

If your friends are too negative, it may be time to take a step back from them. Start hanging out with people who are like you. You can still be there for them when they need you, but don’t allow them to influence you anymore. It becomes easier once you become conscious of it.

And as you raise your vibe, you’ll start meeting more and more amazing people.

You also have to protect yourself from vampire clients as they’re bound to bring you down. Be honest and ask yourself, “What am I putting out to the world that attracts people I don’t like?”

When you find out what it is, work on changing your attitude and the vampire clients will just disappear. You’ll start attracting your ideal clients – the ones that you’ve always wanted to work with.

Change Your Vibe, Change Your Life

When you change the vibe you put out into the world, everything starts changing. This process doesn’t have to happen overnight. Sometimes it’s slow but it’s worth sticking with.

Start slowly by changing the way you see the world. Instead of watching boring news programmes, start watching motivational content. Also, change the way you approach people – your family, friends, clients – and things will start changing for you.

If you become the most positive person in the room, negative people will not want to hang out with you anymore.

You don’t have to believe us. Go out and try it for yourself.