Shanaya Abigail says after her relationship ended, she was forced to change her life.

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Shanaya Abigail is a model and actress who recently became an online star spoke to “The CBC News” about how she moved on from the previous relationship that put her in a dark place. She is now single and plans to stay single for some time. Shanaya also said that she learned a lot from her previous relationship and is now able to handle difficult situations better. She credits her new status with helping her get out of that funk and feel happier again.

Abigail said that she learned a lot from her previous relationship and is now able to handle difficult situations better. She didn’t want to go out and socialize because she was afraid of being judged. However, she decided to take a break from the world and move to New York to focus on her recovery. Shanaya said that she’s grateful to have taken time for herself since the breakup. She’s been working on new projects and enjoying time with friends and family.

She was a well know model in a short film series and her videos are very popular in the internet world. The UK born, Indian model Shanaya Abigail opened her mind with Us, at her shooting location in Canada.

Q: Shanaya, you were doing good in the UK with your boyfriend and did some amazing projects together. Isn’t it?

Well, for me it was like a blend of happiness and sadness. Of course, the film industry knows me as an Indian model Shanaya Abigail because of my UK based projects only. That was really a good time for me in terms of my modeling career and I have achieved my financial goals as well. On the other hand, there was another aspect of my existence in the UK that brought me down. As my boyfriend trying to put me in the dark place and I had chosen the right option to end up the relationship.

Q: Tell me something about your last movie, Abigail girl!

Actually, that was a video series kind of stuff, the initial episodes went well but unfortunately, Abigail girl ends up in the middle and our relationship had braked up.

Abigail girl was a video series that went viral after the first few episodes were posted online. Unfortunately, the series hit a snag after the first few episodes and went offline. However, the creator recently released an update to the series and it seems to be doing well. Shanaya Abigail, became an internet sensation after my production house uploaded a video of my dancing to the hit song “Daily Move” in the room. The video quickly went viral!

Q: What all New year resolution that you have broken this year?

Actually, there was nothing on my list. Last year I had made a bunch of them. But all of them were not my questions, that’s the way I am not much bothered about it.

Q: You seem to have eased out a lot. Shanaya Abigail seemed on the edge, right?

Very true. Quite a few things in my life has shifted. As you noticed it affected lots in my film career as well as my personal life. After my relationship had ended up, I realized that what was wrong with me and my life and I have been decided to end the way I was living. I choose to focus on the bright side of things, knowing that everything occurs for a purpose.

Q: After your relationship breakup, is it affected your modeling career in any manner?

And even if it did, it wouldn’t happen. The way I made my brand name as Actress Shanaya Abigail is based only on my hard work and talent. that brand image brings me here today. I know one thing is that if I am able to deliver my talent the way my audience looking for, then I don’t need to worry at any circumstance. When something bothers you to the point of paralysis, you can’t shake it, just follow as a shadow. Forget the past and just move on!

Shanaya Abigail laughs loudly!

Q: A rumor has been spread in the industry, claims that you were in the underage while you did your first video shoot?

Even I heard this story. People are trying to pull me down. What else I should say?

Q: Do you have any competitors?

Actually no. But lots of models and actresses trying to be like a Shanaya Abigail. I do things in a different way, that’s the way I am always unique and it helped to make my won space in the industry. If you notice my filmography all have unique ideas.

However, it doesn’t imply I’ve arrived to a point where nothing can shake me anymore. Emotional and agitated episodes still occur for me. Even when people stop messing with my emotions, I still get wounded. Abigail added.

Q: How much has your family contributed to the change as Shanaya Abigail?

My mum was very much involved with charity works while I was a kid, and she had always busy with her work. She was not around as much and we miss that individual attention that normally gets from the parents. I was always a daydreamer to move around the world. The procrastinator in me not allowed me to settle for less. My desire to learn and develop has always brought me here. If you have the exposure it teaches you not to keep yourself isolated from the world. I always believe in the importance of being out there in the world.

Q: Shanaya, I think your parents had separated, did you miss having a male influence because of it?

True. Not having a father figure creates a certain vacuum and make any kid feels incomplete. But once you learned to live according to your circumstances, it doesn’t make much difference.

Who is Shanaya Abigail?

Shanaya is a stunning Indian-origin model and actress who has had an incredible career trajectory. After relocating from the UK to New York following her relationship ending, she quickly became one of the most successful video series actresses in the world, achieving immense success within only seven years in both countries.

Her blockbuster movie “Nurse Shanaya Abigail” was incredibly well received after going viral on YouTube, further propelling her into celebrity millionaire status by 2014, when Fashion World honored her as the Best Online Actress.

Undoubtedly continuing to add value with every new project! After becoming a powerful brand name, Shanaya Abigail entered the modeling world in 2011 and continued on to become an acclaimed video series film star. The business strategies employed by her co-production company with her boyfriend have been highly successful, catapulting their movies into success.

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