EXCLUSIVE: Worship Khanna Faces Problems In Getting A BLUE TICK Due To His NAME; Says 'My Handle Is Verified But I am No Longer Happy Or Excited, It Holds No Meaning After A Long Wait'

In a time when social media is so important for artists to stay in touch with their fans, the coveted blue tick on Instagram has become very important.Worship Khanna is an Indian television actor who is known for the television show ‘Ishq Subhan Allah, ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara’, ‘Sethji and Kateelal and Sons’. He was last seen in the TV show ‘Meri Doli Mere Angana’. He started his career in the year 2015., finally got the blue tick on his Instagram account. But, unlike what most people thought, he wasn’t happy or excited about this. Worship Khanna talked about how he felt in an exclusive chat with BollywoodMDB. He was upset that his hard work wasn’t being recognised right away and that the blue tick was losing its value over time.

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Worship Khanna, like many other artists, used the lockdown caused by the pandemic as a chance to focus on his work. He worked hard at his job and made several articles that showed how talented and passionate he was. In his quest for professional recognition, the blue tick became a sign that he was doing a good job. But, despite his best efforts, he couldn’t get the attention he wanted.

During his journey to get recognition on social media for his work, Worship Khanna got a lot of calls from people who suggested him to buy the blue tick but he wouldn’t go the dishonest way because it was against his morals. He was sure that the best way to get noticed was to work hard and be true to yourself, not by taking short cuts. Worship Khanna stayed committed to his career even though having a verified position was appealing.

Khanna had more problems with his online profile than just trying to get the blue tick. In 2015, someone broke into his Facebook account because of his name, which was Worship. This event not only messed up his online life, but it also caused him a lot of trouble in his personal life. Dealing with what happened after the hack was hard, and it made him even more determined to get noticed for his real work instead of relying on external validations.

Yesterday, Worship Khanna’s patience paid off when Instagram gave him the blue tick. But the long wait for acknowledgement and the frustration he felt during his search had worn him down. The blue tick, which used to mean he had done well, no longer meant anything to him. He said that while other people might be happy and excited about this success, he felt less and less about it. He said, “I was trying to get the blue tick since long as I have genuine published articles on my work from 8 years, but my appeal for blue tick got rejected, and yesterday all of the sudden I got this blue tick but I am not happy or excited about it, Wo Kehte hai na, Kuch Sawaalo Ke Agar Waqt Pe Jawab Na Di Jaye Toh Unke Mahatva Khatam Hojate Ha”, He concluded.

Worship Khanna’s journey and mixed feelings about the blue tick are a powerful lesson that one’s sense of self-worth shouldn’t be based on what other people think of them. The fact that he always does his work with honesty and ethics shows what kind of person he is. Even though he no longer cares about the blue tick, it doesn’t take away from what he has done or how much he cares about what he does. Worship Khanna’s main goals now are to keep making work that matters and to connect with his fans in a real way.

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Worship Khanna’s exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB sheds light on the story of an actor who worked hard to get noticed, only to find that the blue tick was less valuable because it took so long to come. Worship Khanna is an inspiration to other artists because he is always honest and true to himself. He reminds them to stay true to themselves and their work. In a world where validation from the outside can change quickly, it is the artist’s heart and true dedication that will last.