Your vibe attracts your tribe

Video your vibe attracts your tribe meaning in hindi

You are a magnet!!! Once you realise that whatever you are resonating with is what attracts your reality, you will hopefully change the way you vibrate. It is said that “misery loves company”, and those who are in the habit of moaning about life, people, circumstances, politics etc always find a ready group who are happy to pitch in and add to or amplify the moaning and are oddly resistant to implementing any form of positive change. There’s strange comfort in knowing that everyone around you is also in the same boat, no matter how negative and sad it is, a sense of collective oneness in shared pathos. On the other hand, there’s a whole different grain and strain of individuals who are eternal optimists that always look for a silver lining, excitedly await new beginnings, open to miracles, change and always ready to create a happy moment. They bounce along with a radiant, positive energy much to the disdain and irritation of the other lot who choose comfort themselves with their melancholy unison by terming all else “fake, pretentious and superficial” The sad lot feel disoriented by the exuberance of the happy lot and similar to divisive politics end up creating groups to strengthen and validate the right to feel the way they do. The point is, how does it really serve you to stay disgruntled? Whether you attribute it to the lockdown or not, to adopt a negative bent of mind is a conscious choice you have made. It’s not self-serving, it’s self-defeating because you will attract similar others like moths to a flame and all that your incredible energy and thoughts will be subjected to, is more of it! To have a positive life, you need a positive attitude and to have a positive attitude you need positive thoughts. To change from negative lethargy to proactive positivity, it starts with a simple decision to take the first step. Simply ban every thought and automated response that is cynical, sad, negative or dull. If someone emits a negative thought about anything, say , “ok! So what can we do to change that?”. Maybe you won’t find all the answers right away, but the very fact that you start thinking differently will effect changes that will start you on the path to positivity. Be mindful of every response you are conditioned to give, and work at making it a more positive one. With some time and some effort, you will notice not just your emotions, but your reality resetting into a life that’s meaningful and dynamic. More so, you will find that your vibe attracts your tribe, and if it means changing those around you or attracting new people who match your positive energy shift you’ve only helped other lives be better as well.

1. We all deal with our demons, and I understand that we’re living in difficult times. However, I’m struggling to find happy, positive guys who are looking forward to meaningful relationships. The ones I’ve dated have all ended things abruptly, citing underlying depressive symptoms. I wish to be there for other people, and I try to turn things around. But, I’m beginning to think that it’s me who is either choosing such guys or bringing out the dark side in them. All this has affected me in such a way that I find sad, negative people repulsive. How do I find my way around it?

First thing to do is delete your desire to “be there and to turn things around”. You need a companion, not a project. Also, your need to connect to their pain and suffering probably amplifies it for them and you’re feeding their fears and pain, not their dreams and happiness quotient. You have to be responsible for your model of the world, not theirs. You need to focus on what works for you and makes you happy. Only when your well is full can others drink from it…so… what is in your well?

2. My husband and I were never really on the same page, so we led our separate lives and divided responsibilities. Now with the lockdown, we have no choice but to be with each other and that’s led to way too many fights. I confided in my daughter and spoke about why people should not get married, at length. I regret doing that, as my husband’s family is looking for a suitable partner for her. She will definitely revolt and expect me to back her up. How do I salvage the situation?

Tell her a bad marriage is one where there is no compatibility. Add that you speak from a stand point of arranged marriages and that it’s probably very different when it comes to a love marriage. Hence, you would want her to spend a lot of time with whoever is proposed before she makes her decision. This way, she gets to interact and assess and give herself the chance to experience love, togetherness and figure out the expectations and roles within marriage to his family and whether it’s something that she feels empowered by or limited.

3. I am a young woman living in with a guy, he is not committing marriage to me. He feels marriage will spoil things, should I continue?

Well, that means he will never get married and you need to ask yourself if that’s okay with you. As simple as that.